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Accommodation Policy

The IAAI is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate based on age, sex, race, or disability in qualifying for organization membership or for participation in training events, special programs or certification protocols.  The IAAI will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations within their responsibility and control to applicants and program participants with special needs or disabilities upon special request or self disclosure.  Any information regarding age, sex, or race collected during an application process or any self disclosure of a disability or special need will be held in strictest confidence and will not be released unless required by legal authority.

Truth Seekers not Case Makers

The IAAI is a worldwide organization of professional fire investigators, and issues a rigorous and highly respected fire investigator certification, IAAI-CFI®.  We stand behind our Code of Ethics and our conviction that we are truth seekers and not case makers. If any person has a grievance concerning any member of the IAAI, including IAAI-CFIs, that person can commence an Ethical Practices and Grievances proceeding with the appropriate committee within the IAAI. Only where such a proceeding is commenced will the IAAI investigate to determine whether or to what extent an IAAI member or IAAI-CFI® may have violated the IAAI's ethical standard. Other than through this process, the IAAI will not comment upon pending litigation or prosecution, nor will it comment on or respond to accusations concerning its members or Certified Fire Investigators.

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